SVN in 30 minutes

As always at the end of the page will find the LaTeX pdf version.

Before start just some notes: I decided to write a guide about SVN and not about GIT only because at work I use it. Since I wrote this document for the office I thought would have been good publish it even for others.
Personally I prefer GIT, in fact this is the reason why you’ll find all my source code on github.


Every time you start to work on something, whatever it is, it is very useful use a Version Control System. Continue reading

CGU as Clock Generation Unit


As you should know, a microcontroller “runs” at a certain frequency, that depends from hardware and software. When the hardware has been fixed (an external crystal for example) is still necessary configure some registers, regarding the clock itself. Continue reading

Let’s SystemInit()

As everything has a start, this blogs does it as well.

Since that I would like to track my progress about learning ARM Cortex-M architecture, I decided to write some notes here. This sort of experiment’s diary could be useful for who, like me has some difficult to move from (other) 8bit microcontrollers.

Ale theCoder.